Aromatic and Herbal Therapies For Urine Infection


Recently, a newspaper survey depicted that urine infection is the most common disease among women. Nearly, 65% women who answered the questionnaire said that they suffer from the infection at least once in a year. This bacterium related disease acts as a hindrance in day to day activities. Patients undergo severe pain while urinating. It leads to weakness and uneasiness.

Nowadays, there are several modes for healing urine infection. Usually the doctors recommend an antibiotic treatment. These medicines have chemicals that kill the bacterium responsible for the infection. Later on, it flushes off the waste from the body. However, it also kills the good bacteria leading to decreased immunity of the body. Eventually, the bacterium develops resistance against the antibiotic, and the medication fails to show results.

Hence, some people use aromatherapy for the treatment of urine infection. They mix 20 drops of eucalyptus and sandalwood essential oil to their bath tub. The aroma of these essential oils have healing properties. You can also replace it with juniper and thyme essential oil for effective results. This remedy works with several patients and provides instant relief.

You can also eat capsules of bearberry, which is a herbal medication. It is also known as uva ursi. This herbal therapy works remarkably, if you maintain proper diet by sticking to stuffs that are rich in minerals like milk, fruit juices, vegetables and fruits. Some herbal therapists recommend intake of two tablespoons of baking soda every day. It intensifies the effect of this herbal remedy.

If the infection is at initial stage, then you can also use hydrotherapy. You should drink lots of water so that the bacterium gets flushed out of the body. Don’t hold back urine and urinate as soon as you feel the urge to urinate. You can also drink healthy fruit juices to provide strength to the body. So, use these natural modes of healing to curb the urine infection.

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