Cigarette Smoking Guide: Best Cigarette Brands Ever


Over the years, I have smoked a lot of different cigarettes. And though there have been two that I’ve always gone back to: Marlboro Gold and Camel Lights. I’ve done a fair amount of experimenting. I’m like a guinea pig in that way. Here are my findings:

1. Marlboro Gold: These are pretty much the perfect cigarettes. They’re “healthier” than Reds and Menthols and they taste good. It doesn’t get better than good old Phillip Morris, and this is their pride and joy. It was not a surprise that Marlboro has been holding its overwhelming leadership position as the best-selling cigarette brand in the world.

2. Camel Lights: I smoked Camel Lights, the hippie-stogie, during my fake hippie stage. I was never a real hippie for a couple of reasons: I could never be a vegetarian and real hippies are fucking assholes. The big popularity of one of the best cigarettes across the world can be explained by their unique tobacco blending

3. America Spirits: A friend in college told me that if you ever want to quit smoking cigarettes then just start buying American Spirits. Well, he was wrong. American Spirits are delicious.

40. Lucky Strike (unfiltered): The most brutal of American cigarettes: the unfiltered Lucky Strike. These put every single hair on my chest back in high school and if I do get lung cancer I’ll be able to look back to the exact moment why.

5. Nat Sherman: Funny story. I knew this kid’s little brother who tricked me into thinking that Nat Sherman were special Native American cigarettes that you could buy for like two bucks a pack if you had the right connection. I found out later that they’re actually more like six bucks a pack and you can get them at a lot of paces. I can’t vouch for their association to the Native Americans though.

6. Winston: Again, in high school, there was this growing trend among my friends, that Winston cigarettes were cool. Winston was the most popular brand across the US for six consecutive years and lost its leadership position in 1972 to Marlboro. You had to smoke Winston’s if you wanted to be cool. So I did. I haven’t had one in a long time though.

7. Menthols Newport: I started smoking menthols at in early age because this girl who I was pining over in the 11th grade said that they didn’t make your breath smell. I’ve pretty much smoked them on and off ever since. I’m pretty much a cheap bastard, so whenever there’s a “buy one get one free” sale on cigarettes, I usually get them, and those are usually menthols. The Lesson: that girl was an idiot and totally unhealthy for me.