Home-Crafted Aromatic Bath Salts


There are a lot of reasons why people use aromatic bath salts, including the fact that they relieve stress and enhance a person’s mood. If you’re into aromatherapy, you know that every scent has a special purpose. Unfortunately, these lovely bath salts can be rather expensive and may not fit into your budget at this point in time. You can, however, create your own delightful bath salts even if you don’t think you have a creative bone in your body. You’ll be able to design great-smelling bath salts to pamper yourself or to give as gifts.

When it comes to making bath salts, all you need is baking soda, a fragrance, and a special type of salt. Iodized table salt won’t work for bath products because it contains a lot of additives. You can use non-iodized table salt if you want to, but it isn’t recommended as highly as Epsom Salt, Sea Salt, and Rock Salt are. These coarser, larger-grained salts will work the best.

When choosing a fragrance, you will either want to select either fresh herbs or scented bath oil. With scented oil, be sure you pick one that says it was made for use in bath products. There are other kinds on the market that are only for general craft purposes which aren’t safe to use in bath salts. In addition, make sure you really enjoy the fragrance since you’re going to be making a fairly large batch of bath salts that will smell like it.

If you’ve decided on making herbal bath salts, you’ll need a clean glass jar with a tight lid. Layer fresh herbs in the bottom of the jar and then pour in some salt. Cap the jar with a cover of plastic wrap and then the lid to make sure it’s air-tight. After two or three weeks the salt will have soaked up the scent from the herbs. Discard the herbs at that point, and that will leave you with a jar of aromatic bath beads.

Most of the aromatic bath salt recipes you’ll run across will have you add baking soda to the bath water to soften it as well as salt and scented oil. With these recipes, you keep the ingredients separate and add them to the water one at a time. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t give you a product you can either display or give as a gift. When you make a product in which you combine ingredients, however, you need to be very careful. Baking soda can cause a chemical reaction when added to certain other ingredients, and it would be tacky to give exploding bath salts to relatives and friends.

Although making aromatic bath salts is an easy job, there is some responsibility that goes along with it. Do some research so that you know the chemicals you’re mixing together aren’t going to have any harmful effects. Look for a recipe from a website you can trust, or ask someone you know for a recipe that worked for them. Any time you make a new batch of bath salts, be sure to test them carefully before giving any of them away.

Here are some final tips for making your own aromatic bath salts. If you use them they will provide you with a great way to relax. If not, they’ll still look pretty displayed in your bathroom. When using essential oils, make sure you don’t use more than a drop or two. Using more could cause your skin to become irritated. In addition, you won’t want to buy too many bottles of essential oils at once. A bottle will last for a long time, but it will only keep its aroma for about two years, so you’ll want to be able to use up what you purchase within that time frame.

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