Loose Leaf Tea – Herbal Tea


Loose leaf tea has been used for thousands of years by many cultures for a variety of reasons. Enjoying a cup of tea at the end of a hard day has been the ritual for many. Sitting down with some Chamomile, Peppermint or Lemon Myrtle herbal tea, can ease a stressful day. The following are some of the most popular loose leaf teas used today.

HORNY GOAT Horny goat weed has been used in Chinese medicine for generations. It is said to increase libido in men and women, and improves erectile function in men. Although researches are unsure how this herb works, the plant has long been employed to restore sexual fire, boost erectile function, alleviate menopausal discomfort and allay fatigue.

GINSENG Ginseng has many uses including its ability to help people deal with physical and/or emotional stress. It can improve your mental performance and help to lift depression and fight off infections. It has also been known to improve your vitality and sex drive for both women and men. It has also been shown in studies to regulate the immune system and can assist in the prevention of colds and flues. In case studies it has also been effective in lowering sugar content in the blood and lowering cholesterol levels. CAUTION Ginseng should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Also ginseng should not be taken when you have an acute infection such as a cold.(although it is used to prevent colds).

LEMON BALM As well as being the sweetest tasting herb Lemon Balm is also a great herb for stress. It is particularly good for indigestion where anxiety and tension play a part. As well as stimulating circulation making it a good herb to calm tension it can also be used for problems such as irritable bowel and stomach ulcers.

BEARBERRY Bearberry also known as uva ursi is an effective herb against infections of the bladder, urethra and kidney. It is used to not only kill infective organisms, but also soothes inflammation and strengthens the tissue in these areas. Bearberry is also used to relieve the pain of urinary tract infections such as pyelitis, cystitis and urethritis.

HAWTHORN Hawthorn Herbal Tea is renowned for use inmost cardiac and circulatory disorders. It is well known to improve coronary artery blood flow and improve blood flow too the extremities. Many of the active constituents found in Hawthorn exhibit potent antioxidant properties. Hawthorn is also helpful for high blood pressure, hypertension and angina. CAUTION With serious conditions such as angina, heart failure and high blood pressure, it is wise to seek medical advice when mixing medication and herbs. Please seek advise from your doctor or herbalist or both.

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