Once Upon an Electronic Cigarette ? Evolution of the E Cig Story: Part 1


In December 2008, I wrote an article simply called, “The Electronic Cigarette Story”. It was at about this time that e cigarettes were making a big break from cover and being talked about for the first time all over the internet. An awful lot of people had no idea what they were at that time or what they were to become, including myself, I hasten to add.

So, from my own point of view, that first article was an origin story asking very basic questions and finding very basic and sometimes naive (understandably) answers. What are electronic cigarettes? What do they do? Why do they exist? What is the point of them? Topics that have been covered many, many thousands of times since.

I found the e cig to be a very interesting subject to write about even though I had never been a smoker and certainly had no interest in becoming one! What was my angle of interest? Why did it matter to me? Well, if you have read any of my previous articles on the issue, you may have heard me talking about passive smoking and about how my dad died from a passive smoking related lung cancer, having never smoked a cigarette in his life!

Many non smokers, back in the days before the smoking ban in public places, became angry, even irate at the thought of having to breathe in somebody else’s second hand, dirty smoke that was loaded with tobacco and toxins and having to pay a health price because of someone else’s decisions. I confess, I was one of these people. If someone smoked right in front of me on a bus, for example, and the smoke drifted my way, I would literally blow the smoke right back in the direction it came from! I mean, why should I have to inhale it right?

As I learned more about electronic cigarettes and learned that they contained no tobacco, none of the harmful toxins associated with tobacco and no smoke, I had found my angle! If these things were all they were cracked up to be, then they had massive potential. A cigarette with no tobacco!

New questions bubbled to the surface. Could e-cigs save lives? Could they help addicted smokers to quit smoking? Such is the complex nature of the electronic cigarette story, that many of these questions remain categorically and somewhat mysteriously unanswered and something that I will continue to look at in this new series of articles.

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