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Twisp Electronic Cigarette

If you are looking for the best herbs to quit smoking, then you will want to know about Lobelia Inflata, also sometimes known as Indian Tobacco. This herb has been used for generations as a remedy for a variety of medical concerns by Native Americans and also by modern medicine. It is often used as part of a smoking cessation program due to its active ingredient, which acts similar to nicotine.

Native American Uses

Native Americans have been using this fantastic herb for a variety of maladies over the past several centuries. One of the benefits this plant has is the ability to help with respiratory disorders. In addition, administering this plant has been used for people with muscle disorders. Although Native Americans have been using this plant for a long time, modern medicine uses it for a variety of problems as well Twisp Electronic Cigarette

Modern Medicine

Native Americans are not the only people to find this plant beneficial. Doctors use extracts from Lobelia Inflata to treat chronic conditions such as asthma. This plant is also sometimes used to aid in food poisoning cases, and as by now you’ve guessed, it has also been shown to be effective as one of the beneficial herbs to quit smoking.

Smoking Cessation

As one of the best herbs to quit smoking, Lobelia Inflata helps calm nicotine cravings and reduce some of the most severe symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. It is able to do this because it contains a substance that is similar in chemical structure to nicotine. This substance acts as a stimulant, helping to keep your body and brain on a more even keel while you adapt to the missing nicotine you have become dependent on. The benefit is that Lobelia Inflata is not addictive like nicotine, so it is very easy to stop using when you have finally beat your nicotine addiction. Twisp Electronic Cigarette

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